Wunulla Road, Point Piper

Situated at the apex of Point Piper, a significant project unfolded, involving the transformation of an existing three-storey apartment block. This ambitious endeavour was undertaken by Pimas Gale, a leader in Sydney luxury renovation, showcasing their commitment to quality and innovation.

The project encompassed extensive renovations to the existing seven apartments. Each apartment was meticulously revamped to embody modern luxury and comfort, reflecting Pimas Gale’s signature style. In addition to the renovations, a new apartment was constructed, complete with a new internal lift, enhancing the convenience and accessibility for the residents.

One of the project’s most ambitious elements was the addition of an underground car park, ingeniously constructed three metres below Sydney Harbour. This unique feature not only provided secure parking for the residents but also added a distinctive touch to the property.

The building’s facade received a comprehensive upgrade, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and seamlessly blending with the luxurious interiors. The swimming pool was refurbished, transforming it into a modern haven for relaxation and recreation.

The project also included the construction of a new sea wall, a crucial element in preserving the property’s structural integrity and protecting it from the elements.

This prominent project at Point Piper is a testament to Pimas Gale’s expertise in Sydney luxury renovation. It showcases their ability to transform spaces into luxurious living environments that are as functional as they are beautiful. With every project, Pimas Gale continues to redefine luxury living.


Renovation & Additions

HIA 2013 National Apartment Project of the Year
MBA 2012 Master Builder on the Year
MBA 2012 Home Unit Renovation over $5 Million
HIA 2012 Apartment Project of the Year
2012 Apartment Project less than 10 storeys

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