Le Papillion, Double Bay

Situated in the vibrant heart of Double Bay Village, Le Papillon Apartments stand as a testament to luxury urban living. The architectural design, a brainchild of the renowned architect Brian Meyerson from the award-winning firm MHNDU, seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

The interiors of Le Papillon Apartments are nothing short of breathtaking. Purpose-built for entertaining, each apartment boasts features that exude elegance and sophistication. Bespoke timber cabinetry and floor-to-ceiling glass doors create a sense of openness and fluidity. Stunning designer marble kitchens serve as the heart of each apartment, perfect for hosting and entertaining.

Wide oak timber floorboards grace the living areas, adding a touch of warmth and comfort. The bedrooms, a private sanctuary for rest and relaxation, feature plush wool carpets that add a layer of luxury. Modern conveniences such as video intercoms, ducted air conditioning, and LED downlights are thoughtfully integrated throughout the apartments, enhancing the living experience.

Lift access ensures easy navigation within the building, and basement car parking provides a secure space for vehicles. Every detail in Le Papillon Apartments is meticulously planned and executed, reflecting a commitment to quality and luxury.

Le Papillon Apartments are more than just a place to live; they are a lifestyle statement. They embody the essence of luxury urban living, offering residents a space that is not only beautiful and luxurious but also functional and convenient. It’s where elegance meets functionality, creating a living space that is truly exceptional.


2020 MBA Finalist – Home Units $600,001 to $1M

Architectural Design:
MHN Design Union

Interior Design:
Lawless & Meyerson

Martin Siegner