We Are Pimas Gale

In 1999, two well-established building companies, Pimas Group and Gale Building, joined forces to form Pimas Gale. Since then, we’ve built a stellar reputation as a leading luxury home builder in Sydney, specialising in architecturally designed homes and luxury apartments.

Successful luxury home building goes beyond employing quality tradesmen. Both the client and the architect play a crucial role in our process, reflecting our motto ‘Quality through Teamwork.’

Our projects have garnered numerous industry accolades, including custom-designed homes and renovations. Notably, we were honoured as the MBA 2012 Master Builder of the Year.

With a continued focus on the luxury residential and boutique medium-density apartment sectors, Pimas Gale aims to construct Australia’s most spectacular and exciting homes. Trust Pimas Gale, your premier luxury home builder in Sydney, to bring your dream home to life.

Our Mission

With a legacy spanning over 45 years, Pimas Gale has been a trailblazer in Australia’s high-end luxury construction industry. Our expertise extends to the creation of luxury homes, boutique apartments, and specialised commercial properties, making us one of Australia’s most experienced builders in the luxury segment.

Pimas Gale has earned a sterling reputation for our meticulous attention to detail in planning, handling complex projects with finesse, and applying the highest standards of workmanship to every facet of a project.

We are the preferred choice for many leading design firms when it comes to constructing high-end private residences and boutique apartments. In a recent milestone, we have proudly completed the construction of Australia’s largest and most expensive private home, located on the picturesque shores of Sydney. This accomplishment further cements our position as a leading luxury home builder in Sydney, capable of transforming ambitious visions into stunning realities.

Our Practice

Pimas Gale’s dynamic, professional and enthusiastic team brings an unparalleled understanding of design and construction to each project. Our management systems, founded on almost fifty years of project management and building industry expertise, emphasise the control of quality, time and cost. Our approach embodies our philosophy of being ethical and professional, delivering to the highest possible standard and providing exceptional client service.

Quality Through Teamwork‘ has always been a core value of Pimas Gale and something we honestly believe sets us above our competitors.

We recognise that a successful building project extends far beyond good quality tradesmen and materials, both the client and architect play an integral role throughout the entire process. Promoting strong professional relationships is at the core of everything we do at Pimas Gale; hence our company motto ‘Quality Through Teamwork.’

Our Commitment To Quality

Quality is paramount and at the forefront of absolutely everything we do at Pimas Gale.

We employ a five-tiered quality management structure that governs every step of your project. From planning through to the property hand over, and even extending to the level of aftercare provided.

We pride ourselves on delivering uncompromising quality by using the best materials, the most experienced people, and maintaining regular honest and accurate communication throughout the entire project.

Our Focus

We focus on delivering perfection and making the building experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. In short, our focus is you the client and delivering the ultimate realisation of your vision.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our professional relationships, the experience of our employees, and the recognition and awards our projects win.

Our clients demand the best and we deliver perfection with every project. Our ultimate focus is to transform your dreams into your reality by delivering World-class beautiful homes and stunning properties.