A dilapidated home with views over the ocean and a bold, modernist design by Hugh Buhrich sounds like the perfect receipe for renovation. For the owners, the overriding consideration was that any renovations should retain the integrity of Buhrich's classic 1960's design. The alterations and additions devised by architect Louise Nettleton respected the existing home but updated it for a more modern lifestyle.

Externally, the residence is defined by a theatrical cantilever of living space, angled to parallel the shoreline. Nettleton's design added to and cut space from the original to make the home more functional. The garage was moved towards the street and a northern courtyard and adjoining studio added. A second courtyard was cut into the house which features a pond at its base. This creates an internal bridge that links the rear of the home with rooms overlooking the harbour. The master bedroom is tucked beneath the living room cantilever. So too is the timber-decked pool which leads out towards the harbour edge. This innovative element is contained within a zinc and steel bounding from the slab and fitted between the original two steel reinforced concrete columns. Continuing down the open tread timber stairs beside the "watercourt" the final two levels of the house are contained on a floor excavated 800mm into rock.

This home is featured in the Luxury Home Magazine on sale from 12th October 2005.

Louise Nettleton Architects
Brett Boardman